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I bought mine 3 years ago and have not since looked back. every time I wake up I am so grateful to have such a fantastic bed. Just got out of hospital due to pneumonia. cant sleep flat. I am so comfortable sleeping in a moderate sitting position

Radhia E

Best bed we have ever bought.

Charmaine S

Make sure you buy the massage option. Otherwise its like having a sports car without Aircon.

Bradley P

You can sleep on your side’s or your back it’s a wonderful bed we bought one a year ago.

Hanlie V J

I’ve slept on that bed at my sister’s place wow!what a comfort.

Simangele S

Everyone who can, its a must have. The best. Bought mine 3yrs ago. No regrets.

Tonic M

I purchased 2 beds about 7 months ago. I’ve been through a triple bypass before. This has helped with being more comfortable and having good night sleep. Both are with the built in massagers. Highly recommended

Collin N

It changed my life, I love my adjustable bed

Trix K

Sonder die bed is ek verlore. slaap soos n droom.

Bets B

The only problem I find with this bed, is when I have to sleep in something else when I go away. There’s just nothing like it I’m afraid.

Glynn B

I have one and I can not stop talking about it. You can feel the tiredness go out of your body when using the vibration modes. Money well spent

Walter N

I have one and once you sleep on the adjust 4sleep bed all your aches and pain is gone I would really recommend the bed it’s a lifetime bed

Rene M

We’ve got one. The best thing ever. .. Good for reflux and breathing difficulties too. We chose the side by side singles with the headboard… just love it!!

Clare Ann W S

For a peaceful sleep, this is the best one. Get this bed and you learn to enjoy your sleep always.

Molebatsi L

Since sleeping on the mattress you provided it has not been necessary to kneel beside the bed to rest from the first night. And I have even overslept on two occasions. Even when I wake up during the night it is so comfortable that I find it very easy to fall asleep immediately. I now no longer dread bedtime – in fact I look forward to it. Your designers got it RIGHT!

Mr Alfred W

I am jubilant over my ‘wonderbed’ because my back pain is totally gone. I wake up rested, full of energy and feeling far more healthier.

Miss Van H

These past two weeks have proved a perfect blessing. I have seldom slept so well and so consistently. Thank you, all of you.

Mrs D

I live alone and am fiercely independent. I do have some home care, but so far I do not need any personal care with getting out of bed. The bed is a great help and means that I can be even more independent

Mrs T: Durban, South Africa

At night time my muscles used to go into spasm, which was very painful. Since I’m using my new Adjust4Sleep bed my muscle spasms are gone and I can enjoy a good night’s rest

Miss M: Strand, South-Africa

The bed has eased the arthritic pain in my knees and my hip – and helped the circulation

Mr H: East-London, South Africa

The Single Elite Adjustable bed is a Godsend and I can already feel the difference when it comes to sleep

Miss Gloria T - Cape Town, South-Africa

As you know I bought the bed because of a severe snoring problem. I am pleased to tell you that the problem is solved by adjusting the bed and I am now sleeping with my wife for the first time in 12 years. An added bonus is that I sleep so well at night I have more energy in the day and do not fall asleep in the afternoon

Cyril A: Hermanus, South Africa

Now that I have experienced your adjustable bed, I have absolutely no trouble in sleeping and I wake up refreshed and relaxed. I can recommend an Adjust4Sleep bed to anyone.

Graham Gooch: (ex-England Cricket Captain)

I’m in agony with backache since 2009 I’ve been sleeping in a recliner chair because I need the support in my back. I got the Adjust4Sleep bed now for almost two months and I can promise you it is a life changing experience. Thanks again, because apart from the comfort, it is an aesthetic piece of furniture.

Miss R

We are enjoying our bed and finding it a real help with our back pain.

Mrs S

My Mother while not cured is 100% better than she was, due to this purchase. She does not want to go on holiday, as she could not bring the bed with her!

Mrs C

ARTHRITIS Improved by using an Adjust4Sleep adjustable bed 92%
BACK PAIN Improved by using an Adjust4Sleep adjustable bed 93%
POOR CIRCULATION Improved by using an Adjust4Sleep adjustable bed 93%
EMPHYSEMA/BRONCHITIS Improved by using an Adjust4Sleep adjustable bed 91%
INSOMNIA Improved by using an Adjust4Sleep adjustable bed 91%
ACHES & PAINS Improved by using an Adjust4Sleep adjustable bed 94%
5,000 clients were asked to complete a survey based on their personal experiences of the Adjust4Sleep Adjustable Bed,
the above table list their responses.

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