How It Works

An adjustable bed allows you to achieve a sleeping position that provides correct support to your body and spine. Plus an adjustable bed helps to distribute weight evenly across your body, thereby avoiding pressure sores – especially important if, through illness, injury or disability, you spend long periods in bed.

Discover the importance of proper body and spine alignment with Adjust4Sleep. Unlike flat mattresses that create gaps and leave areas unsupported, your body and spine are naturally curved. This lack of support can lead to muscle fatigue, discomfort, and even difficulty falling asleep. However, with an adjustable bed, you can achieve a sleeping position that offers the right support for your body and spine. By evenly distributing weight, an adjustable bed also helps prevent pressure sores, which is particularly crucial if you spend extended periods in bed due to illness, injury, or disability. Explore the benefits of an adjustable bed for optimal comfort and well-being.

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Contour Position

Experience the perfect alignment for your curved spine with our revolutionary bed design. Unlike traditional flat beds, our adjustable bed allows you to assume the comfortable foetal position while lying on your back, providing complete and uniform support to your body. By eliminating pressure points, our bed promotes deep relaxation for both your mind and body, ensuring a truly rejuvenating experience. Discover the ultimate solution for total comfort and relaxation that complements the natural curvature of your spine.

Side Sleeping Position

Achieve enhanced comfort while sleeping on your side with our adjustable bed. By customizing the bed's position, you can ensure optimal spinal alignment, effectively reducing pressure on your hip and shoulder areas. Experience the relief and support that comes from maintaining proper alignment, allowing you to enjoy a restful sleep on your side.

Feet Raised Position

For individuals who experience foot and leg discomfort after a long day of walking or standing, there's no better remedy than elevating your feet – a practice often recommended by medical professionals. This "feet raised" position is particularly beneficial for those dealing with circulation issues or swelling caused by water retention. Give your aching feet and legs the relief they deserve by embracing the comforting practice of elevating your feet.

Head & Feet Raised Position

Experience the convenience and versatility of an adjustable bed with both head and feet raised positions. This configuration not only facilitates effortless entry and exit from the bed but also provides an optimal setup for leisurely activities like reading or enjoying television. Moreover, individuals dealing with respiratory conditions such as asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, or even snoring can benefit from this elevated position.

Adjustable Bed Demonstration

Experience the comfort and customization of the best adjustable beds through a no-obligation demonstration. Book your FREE demonstration today and discover a new level of personalized sleep experience without any obligations.